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Finesse Promotions & WasaRetro
c/o Martin Ahlberg
Baldersvägen 1
137 70 Dalarö, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)70 731 85 68
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Our privacy policy

This Privacy Information applies to the processing of personal data carried out by FIN-S Marknad & Kommunikation/Finesse Promotions AB  when you interact with us, travel with us, use our services, visit our websites or mobile applications. It is important for us to use your data only in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and your expectations, and to be transparent with you in how we use your data. This Privacy Information will explain what data is collected, why it is collected, how the collected data is used and your options and rights regarding the collection of your personal data.

What data may we collect
Contact information, including name, company name, telephone number and e-mail address.
Identity data including date of birth and nationality, only when demanded by the event venue.
Digital information data collected when you visit our websites, applications or other digital platforms, including IP-addresses, browser data, traffic data, social media behaviour, and user patterns. If you subscribe to our newsletters, we may collect data regarding which newsletters you open, your location when opening them and whether you access any links inserted in the newsletters.
Communication data between you and us, including e-mail communication, online chats, comments and reviews collected through surveys or posted on our channels and on social media platforms.

Where we collect your data from
The contact information data as well as the identity data we have about you is provided by you when you have signed up for our newsletter Travel Trends or participated in events organized by us.
We are proactively searching for relevant contacts within tourism industry that we believe would benefit of the information, invitations and marketing messages we share.
Both the above are subject to your consent.
The digital information data is collected from our websites, social media applications and similar digital platforms.
Transaction data, including invoicing address and purchase history.

How we use your data
We use your contact data to provide you with invitations, latest trends within tourism, newsletters and offers from us and our cooperation partners.
We use contact data and identity data to facilitate your participation in the relevant event.
Legal basis: your consent.
Disclosure: We may disclose your data when an event venue specifically demands it (for example ferries or other transportation companies).
We use anonymised data to generate statistics and analysis.

IHow long we store your data for
If you have consented to receiving information, invitations and marketing, we will store your data for as long as you wish to receive such information, invitations and marketing. Transaction data is stored as required by the Swedish law.

International transfer of data
The data we store is not transferred outside of European Union.

How you can access, rectify or erase your data
You may contact us at any time if you wish to receive access to or rectify your data. Further, you may request a copy of the data that we have collected from you.
You may ask us to erase data that we have collected from you. We must however keep data as necessary to fulfil our agreement with you and as necessary to comply with law or on request from authorities.

We use cookies on our websites to ensure functionality on the website, analyse website traffic and to see which areas of the website you have visited.

Changes in this privacy information
We may update this Privacy Information from time to time. You will be notified of such changes where this is appropriate; otherwise they will be published on our home page.

Contact information
Finesse Promotions & WasaRetro
c/o Martin Ahlberg
Baldersvägen 1, 137 70 Dalarö, Sweden
+46 (0)70 731 85 68